P.to S. Paolo map

The narration of the itinerary is reported in this page under the entry “Directions”.

Some general information about the facilities of Porto S. Paolo: the holiday complex L’Ea di Lavru is 500 meters away from the nearest Dettori supermarket, located on the road SS 125, in front of the only roundabout of the village centre. 3 more supermarkets are operative, in addition to several restaurants, bars, ice cream shops, tobacconists, groceries, bakery, chemist, emergency medical service, mechanic, bank (with a cash machine) and more shops typical of the small towns. Most of the activities gather mainly in the central part of the village around a small segment of the road SS 125. Other ones are spread along Via Nenni, the street that leads to the sea. More details are reported in L’Ea di Lavru special “Guide” offered to our guests.