Apartment 9

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The sensual proximity of crude substance

The artifacts, in a state of raw maturation, recreate the subliminal flavor of elapsed time in a nostalgic embrace



Studio apartment 2 + 2 sleeps.

On one level at ground floor. In the one living/bed room there are a double bed and 2 poufs which can be converted into two comfortable twin beds. There is a large kitchenette corner, one bathroom with shower and an extended sheltered terrace.

Terraces and Verandas
A large veranda, which offers a view of the coast line and the gulf, where majestically stands the impressive view of Tavolara island. Slightly left of the latter you can also spot the flat island of Molara.

Hot/cold air conditioning (Daikin Perfera). Electronic safe box. Self-catering (full kitchenware). Double curtains. Under counter fridge with freezer compartment (height cm 81,5 – width cm 58 – depth. cm 60). 3 gas and 1 electric burners hob. No washing machine. No dishwasher. SAT TV with international channels (32″, 3 cm thick, wall fit up Samsung TV set). Outdoor furniture: wrought iron and solid wood table and chairs.

Sea view: this unit has a lovely view of the gulf from its large terrace and from the extra sized living/bedroom window. Garden view: from any position.

It is a small, romantic apartment hidden among huge granite pink rocks. It is placed at the far end, and most secluded area, of the complex. You will reach it by stepping down a beautiful flight of steps made of natural shot golden stones. On the stairs right side shear rocks, in which crevices endemic plants grow naturally, gently slope down towards the large veranda and the apartment entrance. The veranda is protected by a waterproof roof hidden between a double layer of local trellis. It is a perfect spot where to relax and have your meals. From this terrace the view of the gulf is astonishing. Here there is also the main apartment door. Entering the house you find on your left hand side a lovely kitchenette corner, which makes up a definitely particular furnishing element. You will be immediately impressed by the balance of the volumes and the colors hues. In the middle of this area your attention will be drowned by a 6 centimeters thick pink granite cooking top layer rounded on its edges. Your eyes will keep scanning the walls around this corner, which are tiled by lovely lozenges and small square tiles, handmade and hand painted with ancient designs by the prestigious “Richard Ginori” ceramics factory. The area underneath this cook top is protected by hand made solid and heavy wood doors. The living room lodges a wide false ceiling furnished with several dichroic down lights edged by soft pink Venice glasses. The ceiling lamps are fitted with 100 watts halogen bulbs. In the access area of the cloakroom, set towards the wall, you can see a monolith which bores the false ceiling, and flows across it, leaving a few centimeters of space all around. Through this peripheral fissure a mauve fading lighting spreads along this column. The lighting is organized with shafts of led lights, which can be commanded and their colors changed into different shades (red, blue, green, yellow) accordingly with the “mood” and/or the oneiric mental state of the moment. The living/bedroom houses one double-bed and two poufs which can be converted into two comfortable twin beds. A bed side table is placed on just one of the bed sides, while on the opposite side there is a thick wood coated niche. It has been obtained by breaking a large opening into the peripheral wall and can comfortably accommodate a night light. An oversized glass window takes nearly the whole wall. This glass has no central window-post in order not to have a halt to the magic scene of the gulf. As soon as you open the double curtains of this window a breathtaking view is offered to your eyes. You have the sharp perception of a theatre act which opens directly onto the endless fairy-tale told by the nature. Through a box corridor/cloak-room you will reach a large bathroom with a glassed and beautiful shower and a granite layer completely surrounded by mirrors.

Bordering on
This apartment is a bit secluded by the rest of the other properties. It has no adjoined structures on any of its three sides. On the forth side there is the unit number eight and apartment number five is on its top.